PUBG Mobile Brings New Places to Explore for its Users

PUBG Mobile users are receiving new features for their application. The developers are aiming to create a more impressive user experience than before. Therefore, they brought on the market the Arctic mode. The particularity that it brings is the fact that a new survival mode is introduced to the game’s storyline.

The Vikendi map was specially designed to provide a realistic image of the environment with snow everywhere and freezing-cold temperatures. Not only, the scenery bears a striking resemblance to the reality, but the player must adapt to the temperature change using several sources to keep the character warm. For example, the users will find electric heaters or chemical warming packages. In addition to this, the possibility of starting a fire is likely when utilizing a lighter. Moreover, the cooking process of a chicken for the meal is an effective way of keeping your character alive and helping him face the temperatures.

Nonetheless, the game is renowned for its battle royale mode. Therefore, the player spends a limited amount of time in the Vikendi setting. After all the missions are executed flawlessly, and the character manages to survive in the extreme weather conditions, the game moves on to another challenge. The planning and execution of the missions can be closely monitored with the aid of a surveillance drone. The extra tool may prove in handy when following the enemies.

When in need to go from one place to another, the most effective way is to use a snowboard. The regular movements are limited because of the presence of snow on the surface of the ground. Another valuable tip is to make a source of food from everything eatable. Any chicken that passes your way is your ticket to a hot meal, so take it with you.

All these features are available for download and can be easily accessed by updating your app.

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