PUBG Mobile Celebrates Makara Sankranti in Ludo Style for all Indian Players

PUBG Mobile developers Tencent Games are famed for celebrating worldwide festivals. From winter themes around Christmas time to making the game scarier and keeping the players on edge during Halloween.

Makara Sankranti or Maghi is a festival day in the Hindu calendar, dedicated to the deity Surya and another motive for PUBG Mobile developers to celebrate. Developers have offered players an update in which they added a new event dubbed “Happy Sankranti.” Players can access the Happy Sankranti event from the event section of the game.

We think this a neat move from PUBG Mobile, as the players would receive a new permanent outfit at the of the vent completion, which is dubbed “Anarkali outfit.” And that is not all; players will also receive various other rewards as they progress through the event, such as M416 gold skin, a parachute trail, companion’s food. From all sorts of different items, do note that some of these rewards are temporary.

PUBG Mobile Celebrates Makara Sankranti in Ludo Style for all Indian Players

If you don’t know much about this new event, we are going to enlighten you. Here are a few key rules and facts regarding the “Happy Sankranti” event, which will help you set your goals:

  • The page will offer new missions daily.
  • To get the final outfit, you need to get to level 120.
  • It would help if you rolled the dice to proceed to the next level.
  • On reaching the particular levels, you will receive the respective rewards.
  • Completing daily missions will earn you free dice.

There is another crucial fact that you need to keep in mind: PUBG Mobile’s Makar Sankranti game plays like Ludo. You will move up the levels according to the number on the dice, and to get the final reward, you need to reach level 120. If you are at level 119 and get a four, you will end up moving three levels back to 116, for example.

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