PUBG Mobile – Downloading Season 13 Update Ahead Of Launch

The PUBG Mobile Season 13 update will go live soon, alongside the Royale Pass 13.

Tencent has revealed that there are several things that will be arriving this week on PUBG Mobile ahead of the Season 13 release date.

The Royale Pass will be the final addition to the game for this month, as it will be released on Android and iOS, and it will include the revamped Miramar map.

Official Release Date

Tencent has set the release date of the PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale pass for Wednesday, May 13. However, the developer has also planed other various changes, including a new feature that will improve the Miramar experience in the form of a unique Sandstorm effect.

The New Effect

The Sandstorm effect will introduce the possibility for areas like Miramar and the Main Menu to be occasionally ravaged by Sandstorms.

Tencent posted various messages to promote the new features:

“Always be in range of shelter! You don’t want to be caught out in the open with nowhere to hide.”

“Drive slowly while the sandstorm rages. Visibility is drastically reduced, so you need to be much more careful.”

“The sandstorm and high-speed winds HURT. You’ll need to wear high-level equipment if you are repositioning during the storm.”

Early Updating And Rewards

Updating the game to the latest version before May 13 will grant you One Radio, 2,888 BP, and three Lieutenant Parsec Backpacks.

The new update requires about 1.97 GB of free space for Android devices, and 2.21 GB of storage on iOS smartphones.

The Toy Playground Royale Pass will most likely be released sometime on Wednesday, though there was no official release date revealed.

Keep in mind that PUBG Mobile changes are introduced in waves, with some players receiving new content before others do.

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