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PUBG Mobile Lite vs. Free Fire – Graphics And Gameplay Comparison

PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire are the two most popular mobile games of the moment. They have many aspects in common, which is why some mobile gamers find it hard to pick a favorite.

Both games were developed with low-end smartphones and tablets in mind so that everybody can experience the battle-royale experience.

Both games were also highly optimized to return decent performance, reduced lag, and avoid FPS drops.

To make it simple, we’ll compare them with graphics and performance, as they are the two most important aspects.


Both Free Fire and PUBG were optimized to run on devices with RAMs under 2GB!

However, closer analysis shows that PUBG Mobile Lite requires about 600MB of storage after download, while Free Fire only requires 500MB.

PUBG Mobile Lite has somewhat better graphics, but that resulted in unusual heating up of the device while playing on a low-spec device.

Free Fire, on the other hand, has a less hardware-demanding experience, which spares users from unusually hot devices.


PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire revolutionized gaming for low-end mobile devices.

That being said, the games’ developers focused on smooth performance rather than fancy graphics.

PUBG Mobile features HDR graphics that provide an overall crisp look with realistic-looking frames. Though it’s only a lite version, it gets close to what the full-fledged PUBG Mobile offers.

Free Fire has simple graphics that aren’t too impressive when side-to-side with PUBG Mobile Lite.

However, the game’s cartoonish look is on par with its protagonists’ quirky feel and gameplay.

Therefore, by no means Free Fire looks terrible.

It’s all up to you. Maybe your friends will help you make a better decision, as you’ll undoubtedly be having more fun playing with them rather than alone with random people.



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