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PUBG Mobile: Most Powerful Sniper Rifles in the Game

With PUBG Mobile competing for the title of the best battle royale game for mobile devices, any player should take advantage of its features as much as he can. Any fan of shooter games likes sniper rifles, and snipping in PUBG Mobile looks outstanding if you have the right weapon.

Since its release for phones, PUBG shows that shooter games for mobile devices can also be enjoyable and fun. But let’s see which are the best snipers that you can use in the game:

Most Powerful Sniper Rifles in PUBG Mobile


Anytime you need to kill an enemy in PUBG Mobile, you can always count on the M24 sniper rifle to get the job done. The weapon features a stability of 92, base damage of 77, a range of 96, and a firing rate of just 6. M24 has four attachment slots: a magazine slot, the muzzle slot, sight slot, and the cheek pad slot. The bullet speed is a staggering one of over 780 meters per second, which means that this gun is very efficient for long-range combats.

AWM (Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum)

This beauty can solve all your problems, as it can easily be considered the most powerful sniper rifle present in PUBG Mobile. The weapon has a base damage of 100 for the range, and also a rate of fire of 6. The gun can use its custom rounds: 300 Winchester Magnum, or the .338 Lapua Magnum. It also has 20 ammunitions per crate. The AWM can knock down an enemy with a level three vest and helmet by using a single shot.

Choosing which one of the two weapons serves your needs the most is ultimately your choice. The best option is to try to get your hands on both of them and test them out. With 50 million daily active players and over 400 million downloads, PUBG Mobile is a major hit for the gaming world, and it doesn’t show signs that it wants to slow down.




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