PUBG Mobile Red Packet Drop Event Is Live With Huge Rewards

January is bringing good news and exciting events for PUBG Mobile players. The most expected event, Red Packet Drop, is live in the game, and you can’t miss the chance to get free rewards during this event. On the official Twitter account of the PUBG Mobile, you can see the poster for the game. What is coming as a plus this time is the chance to win real gifts. We are talking about a golden helmet that is around $500 and even Apple AirPods.

However, if you have found out about the event about now, you have to hurry. This wave of gifts will be available until 28th January 2020. Every day, the developers are dropping packets between 17:30 to 18:00 IST. Now, if this is making you curious and you want to participate, you can do it easily by following some rules.

More about the PUBG Mobile Red Packet Drop

For the event, players who want to participate must be in the game at the same time the packet drops, and that means 17:30-18:00 IST. After that, you must wait in the lobby for the fantastic red packets, and if you see it dropping, tap on it. Very important to know is the fact that the gifts are valid only for 30 minutes. So you have to move a bit fast if you want to use your reward. You will find it in the check inventory or the PUBG mail section.

Finally, if you have finished collecting the packet, open them to see if you have been lucky and on time. You can receive BP, Classic Coupon Scarps, Silver, Silver Redemption Card, Golden Redemption Card, or Bronze Redemption Card. Don’t forget to enter every day on PUBG Mobile to collect the rewards from the Red Packet Drop until 28th January.

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