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PUBG Mobile Rumor Talks About Season 12 of the Game

Rumors and leaks regarding PUBG Mobile are always surfacing in the community, ever since it launched, about two years ago. A series of new leaks that talk about Season 12th of the game have recently appeared, even though the 11th season of PUBG Mobile has just been released.

It’s Too Early for the 12th Season.

The popular game will be celebrating its second year since it launched in February, and just like last year, fans are expecting some exciting changes to be implemented by then. As per the recent leaks, the 12th season of PUBG Mobile will sport the name ‘2gether We Play,’ with Mr. Ghost Gaming, a well known PUBG leaker confirming the claim.

When it comes to anything PUBG, Mr. Ghost Gaming is an incredibly precise and reliable source. The season’s new theme would be as bright and vivid as we have gotten used to. Because it is still incredibly early for a new update, the information regarding the latest installment is rather thin and might not be correct.

What the Rumor Say About the New Seasonin PUBG Mobile

Even so, here are some details the rumor claimed to make part of the Season 12 of ​PUBG Mobile:

  • There will allegedly be a new skin for QBZ
  • When purchasing a Royale Pass, players would get the chance to unlock a new outfit that will complement the QBZ skin
  • Players will receive skins from lucky draw events as well; these skins would be founded on a playing card theme
  • The rumor also notes a few new additions, such as a backpack, helmet, and multiple gun skins
  • New avatars and avatar frames will be included as well, the rumor says

There is also a high possibility, allegedly, that BP to UC subscription will be reintroduced; it was last available during the 5th season of PUBG Mobile.



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