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PUBG Mobile Season 12 Would Bring More, As Rumors Say

Season 11 of PUBG Mobile has just made its appearance, and we have heard rumors about Season 12 already. The developer Tencent Games will come with something special in the following patch. Season 11 will be here for about two months and will exit the game on the 3rd of March. We are here to tell you all we know so far about the Season 12.

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Release Date

We know for sure that Season 11 will end on the 3rd of March. The Royale Pass will also be locked then. PUBG Mobile will probably release the Season 12 Royale Pass on the 5th of March 2020.

After some time, fans can also expect the 0.17.0 update to roll out soon, too. We cannot wait to find out more about this update, too.

More Rewards in Season 12

PUBG Mobile will also celebrate its second anniversary when releasing Season 12, and they have a surprise for fans: a new Royale Pass will arrive in the game. One of the rewards was leaked online, so we now know more about the purchase bonus. When they get the new Royale Pass, they will be rewarded with amazing QBZ skin.

Users have also found the logo of the upcoming Royale Pass. Of course, it is based on the anniversary theme, so it is clear that it is impressive either way.

After players reach the final level of the Royale Pass, PUBG Mobile will reward them with a new outfit. In Season 12, players might have the chance to get a Robotic outfit after reaching the 100th level. We cannot wait for the new season to start! It is funny because the present one is not even over yet!



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