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PUBG Mobile — The Free Rewards in Season 11 Royale Pass

The Season 11 Royale Pass is finally here in PUBG Mobile, and it comes with many new outfits, new weapon skins, and many emote.

The team behind the game has talked about it on a tweet: “Fight for the future; Royale Pass Season 11 Operation Tomorrow is out now! Embrace mechanical perfection or struggle against the oppression of technology. The choice is yours!”

PUBG Mobile reached its 11th season

In this season, the 11th one in PUBG Mobile came with two versions of Royale Pass, which comes with many perks. The first one is the Elite Upgrade Royale Pass that costs 600UC. After you buy it, you can unlock elite missions. The second one is Elite Upgrade Plus. This one unlocks the additional rewards, and it costs 1800UC.

These are the paid versions, but there’s also a free segment on the RP section, where you can all achieve rare rewards for free. We also have a list of the prizes available in the Season 11 free RP section.

What does the Season 11 RP Rewards list contain:

  • AUG Drifter Skin, which unlocks at level 50
  • Reckless Trooper Hat, which unlocks at level 30
  • Lost in the Night Parachute skin, which unlocks at level 40
  • Mission card Season 11, which unlocks at level 10
  • Triple Like Emote, which unlocks at level 20

About the PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royale Pass

When it comes to the free Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile, when you reach level 100, there are no rewards available. And players need to complete a list of missions to level up and collect all the listed rewards above. If you want to see which are the available missions, go to the missions tab right next to the RP section.



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