PUBG Mobile Update Allows Players To Change Their Nickname – Here’s How

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PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer battle royal game that was developed by PUBG Corporation from South Korea. At the moment it is one of the most popular strategy games in India, being immensely appreciated worldwide especially after the implementation of the social distancing restrictions.

After installing the game, every user has to add a username, as a representation of itself during the game. The name of the character is chosen by each player according to his preferences at that moment. However, sometimes the player could change his mind, makes a mistake, or he eventually gets bored with the chosen name. In this likelihood, it is possible to reset your name on PUBG Mobile without any cost.

When the game was released for the first time on the market, this feature was not available at all. The possibility of changing your username was added later through an upgrade.

How to change your nickname in PUBG Mobile

The “Rename Card” was added to the settings options and it can be used for free by any gamer. However, the player can collect this card by accomplishing the “Progress Missions” while receiving a higher level in the game.

Therefore, to change your name, you need the Rename Card received after completing multiple missions in the Progress Missions mode of the game. The first Rename Card is available when the player reached the 10th level of the game.

After collecting the feature, the user has to search for it in the inventory situated at the bottom of the screen and then double click on it and select the “Use” option. Then a small window will appear, offering you the possibility to change your nickname in PUBG Mobile. After introducing the desired username, the only thing you need to do is to click “OK” and save it. The player can change his name only once per day.

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