PUBG Mobile Vs. Garena Free Fire – Character, Progression, Maps, Requirements, And More

When the PC version of PUBG was released in early-access many smartphone users, fell in love and wanted to play a battler royale title on their devices. A large number of mobile games developers rushed to offer their own take on the genre, with Garena Free Fire being one of the stars. The release of PUBG Mobile killed some of the less popular games, yet Free Fire remains a favorite among many uses who are looking for the BR action on the go. A short comparison between the two titles can be found below.

PUBG Mobile Vs. Garena Free Fire

Character progression

PUBG Mobile offers the ability to create and customize your character, but there are no features related to it besides the ability to purchase more cosmetics. Free Fire comes with a solid character progression system, which includes a roster of 10 characters, each with their own specific skills.

One of them can vanish from the mini-map for a few seconds, another starts with extra health, and one is better at driving. Each character has eight tiers of mastery, and the tier can be raised by collecting fragments.

Lobby size

While PUBG allows 100 players to wage war on a map, some battles can last for too long, especially when players are on the opposite side of a map. Free Fire solves this issue by limiting the number of maximum players at 50, ensuring that battles are shorter and more intense.

Small but intense maps

The maps in Free Fire are smaller than the one in PUBG Mobile, but both are quite detailed. PUBG Mobile encourages a tactical approach as players have to surprise their enemies. Those who play Free Fire will clash in furious battles across the map as they race towards the rapidly-decreasing zone.


PUBG Mobile looks great thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 4, but the beauty comes with steep system requirements. Most budget devices can run Garena Free Fire without problems. At the end of the day, personal choice manners as both titles deliver a great experience.

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