PUBG Mobile’s Best Guns For a Rush Playstyle


The close quarter battle (CQB), also known as rush play, is one of the main gameplay styles of PUBG Mobile. Of course, there are lots of playstyles in the game, featuring different scenarios. But rush play is one of the best so far.

There is a long-distance playstyle, for instance, which is heavily based on having scopes. But scopes are not always accessible. So PUBG Mobile players rely more on the CQB. Here are some of the best weapons you need in a rush play. 

The Best Weapons For Rush Play

M249 SAW 

M9 SAW ranks lower since its damage is moderate, but has a painfully long reload time. The weapon, however, is perfect if you want to take down a whole squad. 


DP-28 is a powerful weapon, and there is no doubt about that. It has a somehow high damage rate, but a low rate of fire and recoil. Similar to other machine-guns in the game, it only supports a scope/sight. In rush fights, its sheer damage needs only a few bullets to down an opponent. 


M416 is the ultimate all-rounder weapon in the game, which is why it recently got a nerf on the PC version. The gun has the highest rate of fire among all the known ARs and a rather standard 5.56mm ammo damage. M416 is extremely devastating in close range and has a significant recoil. 

Beryl M762

Beryl M762 is the better version of the AKM. It has the same damage and a similar rate of fire, but with the combined advantage of more attachments. Beryl M762, however, has less recoil and can be handled easier in a gunfight. 


Groza is a deadlier AKM which brings a lot of destruction. The weapon can take an entire squad down in only seconds while rushing. The Groza was designed for rush play, and nothing comes close to its extreme fury. 

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