PUBG PC Gets Karakin Map Available in the Random Pool

PUBG PC encountered four hours a process of maintenance to perform bug fixes in the game. The maintenance is currently over, and many enhancements and upgrades were introduced to offer a better experience to the users.

The bug fixes that were performed include a solution for a visual problem with specific pants skins, a medieval helmet skin that couldn’t be seen when female characters wore it, a variable icon dimension in the lobby, and players’ skill to prone in shallow water.

Also, the patch upgrade delivers many changes to PUBG. About that, the matchmaking mode has got some modifications. The NA area came back to all random patterns to aid well matchmaking periods.

Karakin is now included in the random selection of the map, which means users can also go there by making a fast join selection.

Karakin Map Comes in PUBG PC in Random Pool

The Kakarin region is one of PUBG’s smallest and most competitive maps so far. According to the official site, it measures only 2x2km, and represent any player’s dream.

Karakin features a little sand ground with broad open places, hidden threats, and underground bunkers. The map is developed for close-quarters combat and has destructible surfaces, new lethal weaponry, such as sticky bombs, and a new bullet piercing mechanics.

The size of the map will allow players to share their drop area with a few others. So, they should arm wisely and quickly to ger ready for attacks. The black zones should also be ignored as much as possible due to their amount of destruction very high.

Chocotaco, a popular Twitch streamer, detailed the matchmaking process: “Everyone seems to be mad, but I’m all for this. Queues during non-peak hours were terrible with the split queue.”
Additionally, the worldwide servers are currently live, and users can upgrade PUBG to the newest variant through the Steam app.

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