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PUBG Tests The New ‘Bluehole Mode’ Feature Against Campers

Camping is one of the features available in PUBG, besides the players who are running and shooting. This feature is coming for players that don’t want to enter conflicts, move, or take damage.

So if they’re going to avoid conflict and other players, they can find this camp in the center of the map and hide there. On the other hand, the camping feature is debated through players, and the question is that if the developers should keep it or not. These days, PUBG Corporation had come with a new addition to the game, the Bluehole Mode, which is an inner circle especially created for preventing players from camp.

The Bluehole Mode on PUBG to tackle campers

The PUBG Corporation is testing these days the Bluehole Mode feature, and on the company blog post, we find out that this could be a permanent change. The post is saying that players that are not engaging the opponents in the game will have to keep on moving. If they were staying safe until now, then the game will force them to move because of the additional blue zone on the map. The blue circle is practically an intimidator and an indicator of the next circle.

However, even if this idea will be great from the opinion of some users, we must see the total reactions of the change. At this moment, on the social media platforms, the views are mixed regarding the addition; it is interesting to see what most of them will think is best to have. Having the Bluehole Mode, all players will have to adapt to the situations, of course, but it appears that the problem right now is from the servers. Many complaints are coming about the matchmaking from the game and its duration.

To sum up, take note that the Bluehole Mode will end today at 2:00 A.M ET. Also, because yesterday was PUBG Corporation’s first anniversary on PS4, new skins are now available as gifts.



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