PUBG Update 1.27 Available to Download with New Content and Console Fixes

The console version of PUBG has received a large patch that adds new content and fixes. Some players noted that the size of the patch is a bit too big in comparison to the amount of new stuff, but PUBG Corp mentioned that some technical difficulties were to blame.

Read below for a curated selection of highlights from the patch notes.

User interface

Some aspects of the user interface have been revamped for a limited time as the lobby background and music will highlight PGC 2019. The regular Season 5 version will return after PGC 2019 will end.

Fixing the bugs

An issue that affected how the lock icon was displayed during private Custom matches has been removed.

An issue that changed all the weather settings in Custom Match rooms into Sunny has been corrected.

Some characters will no longer teleport during the early phase of the match.

A visual glitch that surfaced when a Mirado skin was applied on the Gold Mirado has been fixed.

The mouth of a character will no longer appear to be glitched when they hold a throwable item.

A character modeling will now be displayed correctly when they wear the PlayerUnknown’s Bandana and select jackets.

Some textures and items introduced during the October update were not displayed correctly.

In some cases, players would get matched in the wrong region. The issue has been addressed.

Despite some performance issues on both the Xbox One and the PS4, PUBG remains quite popular on console devices, especially after PUBG Corp managed to enable cross-play between the two platforms, along with friends with different consoles to play and enjoy the title together.

In other news, PUBG Lite, a version of the game developed from the ground up for low-performance PCs, is now available in more than 50 countries, with more to be announced in the future.

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