PureVPN Is Now Officially No-Log Certified, Proving It’s A Reliable VPN Solution

The primary purpose of a VPN solution is to hide users’ online activity from ISP, third-party apps and programs, and hackers. The problem appears when VPN solutions themselves are logging their users’ activity. But PureVPN proved it’s the best VPN solution since it is now officially no-log certified.

More problems popped up when VPN solutions rethought their privacy policies, becoming more transparent regarding what they log and not. That pleased some users, but some others considered that’s not enough.

To make their users happy, top-end VPN solutions teamed up with auditors to prove their users that they indeed do not log their users’ activity. And now, finally, PureVPN showed that it is a reliable VPN provider, as it is now officially no-log certified. The service’s users were pleased to find that out, something that also makes us believe that PureVPN is one of the best VPNs out there.

PureVPN is now officially no-log certified

PureVPN is one of the most popular VPN providers on the Internet. It is a top-end VPN, and it is always eager to listen to their users and update the program with new features to please all its clients. PureVPN is not the first one to get no-log certified, but it pleases us to see that the zero-logging claims they made are now officially proven by third-party auditors.

“We did not find any evidence of system configurations and/or system/service log files that independently, or collectively, could lead to identifying a specific person and/or the person’s activity when using the PureVPN service,” said AltiusIT, the third-party auditor that tested PureVPN and granted it with the no-log certification.

Accordingly, since PureVPN is now officially no-log certified, you can safely use it as your day-by-day VPN solution without worrying that the PureVPN is logging your online activity.

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