PushBullet Best Features: What Should You Know

PushBullet is the app that you never knew you needed. The app is also one of the easiest and fastest ways to get notes, links, files, and more from your Android devices to your desktop computer. 

PushBullet offers you a genuine and trustworthy experience, bringing together your devices and the things you care. Here are some of the best features of the app that you need to know. 

Send Anything to Any Device

PushBullet allows you to send anything to any device in a matter of seconds. You can share URLs, pictures, videos, notes, apps, and more. The app also lets you send stuff from your smartphone to your PC with Android’s built-in transferring tool. 

Each time you send links from certain websites, such as YouTube, or Google Maps, to Android, they will open in their apps. One of the best things about PushBullet is that it won’t automatically open the apps. A notification will be waiting for you to take the decision. 

Notification Mirroring 

PusBullet’s notification mirroring is clearly one of the best features. Every notification you receive on your smartphone/tablet will be shown in a pop-up on your PC. 

Some notifications can even be accessed by clicking them and opening their respective source. You can also remove a notification from your Android notification menu right from the pop-up on your PC. Follow these steps to set up the notification mirroring:

  • Open the app and go to Settings;
  • Tap on Enable/Disable Notification Mirroring Service and activate the feature.

Create Quick To-do Lists

If you need to create quick to-do lists, PushBullet can help you. Open the app and choose the List option in the “Push What?” menu. Name the list and then add things to do. You can also send the list to any of the connected devices. 

Use PushBullet With IFTTT

PushBullet now has a channel for IFTTT. Such a thing was already a great feature, but with the launch of IFTTT for Android, it’s even more fabulous. 

With PushBullet and IFTTT, you can turn everything into a notification. Weather about to get bad? You’ll receive a notification. Favorite soccer team just scored? You’ll get a notification.

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