PushBullet Portal vs. AirDroid: What Should You Try

There are so many apps out there that allow you to share files between Android devices, but only a few proved to be the real deal.

PushBullet has recently launched PushBullet Portal. The app lets you transfer any files from your PC to your Android device (not the other way around), but so do other apps. AirDroid, for instance, is an excellent app, and you can use it to both transfer and back up files. So, what should you try? 

PushBullet Portal vs. AirDroid: Ease of Set-Up

Both PushBullet Portal and AirDroid can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. Once installed, both apps need a web interface for transferring files, working excellent with Windows, Chromebook, and Mac. 

PushBullet Portal requires a QR code to be scanned from your Android smartphone to the PC’s files. AirDroid works similarly. You have to open the app, get the IP address, and write it in the browser’s address bar. 

PushBullet Portal vs. AirDroid: Speed of File Transfer

PushBullet Portal’s speed of file transfer is not amazingly fast, but it’s quicker than AirDroid. It is recommended to use a trusted Wi-Fi network or a home network to transfer files wirelessly. 

As for the AirDroid, the process of transferring files is slightly slower because the developers introduced end-to-end encryption on the new desktop client. But, such a thing should matters to you only if you choose to transfer dozens of files. AirDroid, however, is said to have some great features.

Final Words

With so many options, especially the encryption feature, AirDroid should be an easy pick for you if you want to transfer files wirelessly between your Android smartphone and PC. PushBullet Portal, on the other hand, has no real advantages in its current form, expect from its speed. 

But, if you want to give PushBullet Portal a try, you’ll have to wait for that massive upgrade that the PushBullet team promised. Some significant features have also been announced!

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