Qualcomm Set to Launch the Snapdragon X60 Chip For 5G Connectivity

Qualcomm is currently developing a new type of chip for devices to support 5G networks worldwide. The unique characteristic of the chip, dubbed Qualcomm X60, is its way of working differently in various regions of the world.

It would also be more significant due to its method of collecting signals over separate frequencies of 5G networks. As the 5G network feature raises, companies are releasing smartphones that support from now on the 5G technology. Soon, Qualcomm is introducing a new feature for the so-praised network. It will be a real boost for the download speeds.

As for Qualcomm X60 release, we should wait a little bit more, according to developers, mainly because, in many regions, the network is still under development.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 Features

There are two versions of 5G networks. Many areas utilize sub-6 frequencies, while in other regions, such as the US, millimeter-wave rates are used. The upcoming X60 chip, along with a sleek new antenna chip, would aggregate those different frequencies to bring faster data speeds. Such a thing will be possible even in those other populated regions, like a metropolis.

As Qualcomm stated, the X60 modem chip will be the first in its series to provide something called “carrier aggregation.” Telecommunications industries can deliver data over a lot of bands of wireless spectrum to produce quicker speeds.

Which Devices Have a 5G Connectivity?

There are, of course, a bunch of devices, the most encountered are the premium ones, that support 5G networks. So, as more countries realize a 5G network, smartphone companies ensure to develop their devices with 5G support. Supposedly, there will be a broader 5G rollout by the end of the year.

According to Qualcomm, the market could sell up to 225 million smartphones in 2020. Moreover, even if Qualcomm didn’t release a statement about who would be developing the chip, it could be Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing and Samsung, according to Reuters’ reports.

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