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Qualcomm Will Release Its Own Gaming Smartphone

The smartphone market has become quite crowded in recent years, as many tech manufacturers have tried to release devices that would appeal to a certain segment of buyers. One of them is gaming smartphones.

Asus has managed to gather a lot of attention with the ROG Phone series, and the latest incarnation has been a hit among fans. The legendary company seems to be keen on bringing some competition along for the ride as a report notes that it has signed a deal with Qualcomm, as the latter wants to release its own gaming smartphone.

Unexpected partnership

While the chipmaker has dealt with a lot of smartphone makers, the new partnership with Asus is quite interesting. The report notes that Asus will handle the design and hardware of the smartphone while Qualcomm will work on software integration and the bleeding-edge Snapdragon 875.

Given the popularity and impressive performance of the ROG Phone 3, it is likely that Asus will manage to create a device that matches the potential expectations of Qualcomm. By including its own chips in the equation, Qualcomm could undercut the gaming smartphone market with a device that is powerful and more affordable at the same time.

Aiming for the crown

At least 500,000 devices should be delivered by the end of 2020, and Asus is also planning to ship the same amount of ROG devices. Despite the best efforts made by other manufacturers, Samsung remains the undisputed king of smartphones.

The new Qualcomm/Asus deal could lead to the release of a flagship strong enough to target the Samsung Galaxy 21. Samsung’s flagship will also sport the Snapdragon 875, but the company isn’t as keen on gaming features. While the presence of xCloud could compensate for the lack of gaming capabilities, Samsung may need to revamp its hardware strategies in the long run.



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