R2 Games Announces the Launch of Armor Valor, a Real-Time SLG and RPG Game

In just a couple of days, a new game will be published by R2 Games. Armor Valor is a fantasy real-time SLG and RPG Game that will be officially launched on July 15th on R2 Games’ website.

Last week, R2 Games has teased Armor Valor in a short YouTube video, revealing some details about the game. If you’re familiar with Dragon and Castle: Real Time World Wars, then you should know all about Armor Valor. However, if you haven’t had the chance to see how entertaining this game is, we’ll give you a short preview below.

About Armor Valor

R2 Games promotes Armor Valor as being a fantasy real-time SLG, combined with RPG features.

Playing the game is easy even for beginners. There’s a handy guide that shows you what you have to do and we used it throughout our first 23 levels. It’s best to keep it activated since it helps you remember what are your priorities in the game.

The story progresses in a fantasy world with castles and lords. You are a lord and must develop your castle, but to do so, you must defeat a lot of enemies to make your hero powerful. However, you are not alone!

Mythical Heroes Coming to Help You

Although you start with only one hero, you will progress very fast and get other five mythical heroes that will come to your aid. Fight alongside of Loki, Venus, Dracula, Anubis, Odin, Poseidon and many other heroes to gain resources, battle gear and rewards.

What we liked about the fighting part was that it was not 100% idle. You must tap on each character icon when it lights up to use their special abilities. Make sure that you have tanks in front and rangers at the back and use a hero like Venus to heal your teammates.

There’s dungeon fighting, there’s an idle march to complete dragon quests and you can venture outside the city to attack other lords or just attack beasts or demons. You can also venture outside to gather resources.

Build and Upgrade Your Castle and Buildings

There is also the building part, where you have to build and upgrade different buildings. The handy guide will show you what you have to do as you progress and upgrade buildings.

There are so many rewards to claim as you progress and so many things to do that you will not even realize how much time you have spent in this game. And that’s a good thing! You start the game with a massive amount of crystals that can be used to accelerate building time or buy upgrades for your heroes.

You can also look for a guild and help your guild members. There will be guild wars, so make sure you help your guild survive and take up the Throne. Players around the world will attack you, but for the first day after you create your account, you are protected. Then, you will have to get ready!

We cannot wait to play Armor Valor as soon as it launches on July 15th! If you’re interested into learning more about the game, check out some details at https://av.r2games.com/, or head over to the game’s fresh Facebook page.

Armor Valor will certainly feature a bunch of rewards as soon as it gets launched to welcome new or experienced players that got to play Dragon and Castle: Real Time World Wars.

So far, we like what we see and we hope R2 Games will keep us entertained with new content and challenges!

Play Game link: https://www.r2games.com

Armor Valor official site: https://av.r2games.com/

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