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R2 Games Easter Event 2020: Win Exclusive Rewards for Dragon Awaken, League of Angels, Wartune, Survivor Legacy and Many Other Games

What other better way to celebrate a holiday in the most popular browser games from R2 Games than entering the annual Easter Event?

One of the biggest international publishers of browser games, R2 Games, is rewarding their players ahead of the Easter holiday.

If you were looking for a browser game, look no further. R2 Games offers a wide range of browser games that will keep you entertained for hours.

Easter 2020 Brings a Ton of Rewards and Exciting New Features

Whether you are playing the League of Angels trilogy, Wartune, Dragon Awaken, The Third Age, Crystal Saga 1 and 2, or the newer title Survivor Legacy, all players get a chance at winning daily rewards starting with April 7 and ending on April 15.

For five days on a row, players can log in on the Easter event page and crack Easter Eggs to win five gift codes filled with rewards.

Enter the Easter Slot Machine to win the biggest prize of the event!

New players and veterans will be able to claim the rewards and be part of the new features included in the R2 Games during the Easter Smash-out.

For instance, those that are playing Dragon Awaken have already caught a glimpse of the new Wings, Easter Mounts and Mounts’ Skin.

In The Third Age and Crystal Saga 2, we have seen new Fashion items for characters and many other events that will keep players busy and entertained for the whole Easter season.

The surprises for the incoming holiday are not over! Check the R2 Games official Facebook Page to see all the rewards that will be heading to your favorite games, but also to find out the latest news and updates.

Survivor Legacy – Easter Event Rewards

R2 Games’ latest title is Survivor Legacy, a post-apocalyptic browser game that lets you choose one of the 26 heroes, build your base and try to rebuild the civilization, which is threatened by a mysterious virus and plenty of undead humans. The game has just been released, and it comes with an amazing art style, among many other awesome features we have seen at the other popular R2 Games.

Learn more about Survivor Legacy and the other titles on the official R2 Games website.

What are you waiting for? You can win exclusive rewards for your favorite R2 Games browser games starting today!



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