RAID: Shadow Legends Update 1.15.7 Introduces New Changes and Features

Millions of smartphone users love to use their devices for gaming sessions as they are able to deliver a gaming experience that can rival some of the titles which are present on dedicated gaming consoles. RAID: Shadow Legends is one of the most popular mobile games in the world.

It is likely that many gamers have heard about this title at least once, as the game has been advertised by a large number of content creators on video-sharing services like YouTube and social media platforms.

Save the world

The popular RPG title offers the opportunity to recruit a strong party of champions, with hundreds of choices being available along with 16 playable factions. Those who wish to save the world of Teleria will have to train and hone the best warriors of Light and Darkness, improving their skills and their equipment to tackle any challenge without problems.

Hundreds of challenges and powerful bosses inhabit the world of Teleria. Complete the trials and vanquish your enemies to receive impressive rewards, including currency, equipment, and experience points that can be pent to improve your champions and make them even stronger.

Lots of features

Are you tired of fighting PvE enemies? Jump into the fully-featured PVP arena and showcase your skills against millions of players as you climb the ranks and fight in glorious arena battles. Two teams may enter, but only one will win.

Enjoy impressive 3D graphics and watch your heroes as they fight across unique environments with flashy attacks and moves. Build a massive fortress and administer your shards, upgrade champions, and prepare for the next adventure.

Massive update

The 1.15.7 update comes with an impressive amount of changes. The player level cap has been increased to 100, and new rewards ave been added. Clan Bosses now have infinite hit points, allowing members to collect the best chest possible. Platinum Tier matchmaking will now take into account the position on the tier instead of the Arena Points.

Smaller changes include the ability to sell accessories from the results window and to unlock champions in Tavern. As always, download the APK  from a trusted source.

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