Rainbow Six Siege Introduces Sam Fisher in Operation Shadow Legacy: What to Expect

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Splinter Cell is now coming to Rainbow Six Siege, as series character Sam Fisher will be introduced to the roster in its upcoming update. 

Splinter Cell is a well-known series that has lain dormant for quite a while now, but fans will surely have more to look forward to soon. Today (August 12), Ubisoft confirmed that the Splinter Cell’s star, black ops agent Sam Fisher is the newest playable character in another Tom Clancy game, Rainbow Six Siege. Here is what you need to know.

Rainbow Six Siege Welcomes Splinter Cell’s Protagonist Sam Fisher

The news of Splinter Cell’s star Sam Fisher coming to Rainbow Six Siege has been released by Ubisoft today (August 12). Such a thing won’t come as a surprise for some fans. There were multiple leaks and rumors back in May that somehow hinted at the addition of a Splinter Cell protagonist in Tom Clancy’s praised game. 

Unfortunately, the official announcement doesn’t come with more details about how the character – or Zero as he’ll be introduced in the game – will play at the moment, as the devs are saving the full reveal of Operation Shadow Legacy for August 16. The announcement will take place during Siege’s North American Mini Major Finals. 

But, as disappointing as the announcement could be, we still have something useful. A teaser trailer was released, and we can find out more about Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming update. The video focuses more on Sam Fisher’s return following the seven years since the last Splinter Cell game (Splinter Cell: Blacklist). You can watch the teaser below. 

Many fans will be thrilled to see Sam Fisher being introduced. In contrast, others will be a bit disappointed as they grew tired of Splinter Cell being relegated to cameos in other Ubisoft series such as Siege and just want the devs to make a new game finally. 

Rainbow Six Siege is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, with plans to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X, too. 

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