Rainbow Six Siege’s MUTE Protocol Event: What to Expect

Available today (August 4) to August 17, Rainbow Six Siege’s newest special event gives a futuristic spin on the Secure Area game mode.

Season 2 of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 is now here and introduces an event that takes players to a sleek neon future. Starting this Tuesday (August 4), players will join the MUTE Protocol, a limited special event that really turns the shooter’s Secure Area game mode upside down. Here is what you need to know.

Rainbow Six Siege’s MUTE Protocol Event Details

Rainbow Six Siege’s MUTE Protocol Event starts today (August 4), and takes Secure Area to a neon-drenched, glitzy version of the Tower map. 

Five players must disable the MUTE Protocol by hacking a set of terminals, while another five players must prevent the attackers from finishing their mission. In a further twist to the Secure Area game mode, MUTE Protocol introduces new skills that allow players to switch between Operator and Drone form immediately, and teleport around the map. The new event will only be available from August 7 to August 17. 

The MUTE Protocol Event Trailer and Other Features

The MUTE Protocol trailer displays android-like players wearing futuristic gear. The attackers can be seen switching operator and drone form by entering a drone mode.

On the defending side, players will be able to use indestructible cameras to teleport around the map and attack their opponents. The new skills will undoubtedly bring even more ways for players to be bolder and get creative in the fiercely competitive Rainbow Six pro community.

You can watch the MUTE Protocol trailer below.

MUTE Protocol offers all the included operators an aesthetic update, too. The event adds 26 new customization options, such as exclusive gear for Lion, Ying, Jackal, Mira, Oryx, Vigil, and Kapkan. The new stuff will be 10 % off for players with a Year 5 pass. 

A total of 13 operators won’t be included in MUTE Protocol. They include Thatcher, Caveira, Goyo, Twitch, Maestro, Clash, Valkyrie, Echo, Montagne, Blitz, Mozzie, Dokkaebi, and Mute. Since Season 2 arrives with the MUTE Protocol, the content introduced in the new event may be only a taste of what this season will bring. 

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