Rebel Inc. Update 1.6.0 Adds New Campaign Mode

Most mobile games tend to focus on flashy graphics or mechanics to attract players, but some offer a more strategic approach to gameplay, encouraging players to plan their actions in a strategic way and make the most out of a situation.

Development by the brilliant minds behind the world-famous Plague Inc, Rebellion Inc offers a new challenge by allowing players to take offer a county and delve into an in-depth political and military simulation title as they attempt to do what is needed to stop the Insurgency before it is too late.

Defeat the rising insurgency

Explore seven different regions that are modeled with realistic details that similar to what can be encountered in the real world. Take on the mantle of an elite counter-insurgency leader and focus the resources and subordinates available at your disposal on the quest to improve the regions and defeat enemies.

As your orders are applied across a region, insurgents may surface, trying to prevent your efforts and destabilize and area to gain new supporters. Its up to you to decide how the local government can approach the situation by funding initiatives that can complement the nation.

Smart and engaging

The insurgents may not seem to be too dangerous at first but they shouldn’t be underestimated. With the help of advanced tactical AI, they can approach situations in a variety of ways and respond to your action in fluid and interesting ways.

Your decisions will also influence the way in which the game evolves as complex algorithms will generate new challenges and narrative situations that are able to match your play style.  Make the most out of eight unique governors, each with their own signature ability that can be a game changer under the right conditions.

Update 1.6.0 comes with a new campaign mode that facilitates major operations across regions. Will you manage to bring peace to the country?

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