Recent Silent Hills Reboot Rumors Canceled By KONAMI

More than eight years have passed since the last Silent Hills game has been released. The iconic horror franchise is credited with many of the innovations that can be found in contemporary horror games. Still, the lack of new titles may allow it to vanish into oblivion.

Many fans have wanted a new game or a sequel to the older ones, but KONAMI, the owner and primary developer of the franchise, hasn’t shown any interest in recent times. A series of rumors that were shared across the internet argued that the published might have allowed Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan to work on a PlayStation exclusive game.

It was also mentioned that Sony might have obtained a generous license that would allow the company to develop several Silent Hills titles in the future and information that was shared by many popular gaming news outlets.

KONAMI debunked the recent Silent Hills rumors

A popular website focused on horror works managed to secure an email conversation with a Konami representative and asked several questions related to the future of the acclaimed series. The PR representative, which works for the U.S. branch of the company, has stated that while Konami is aware of the rumors, there are no plans of this type in motion.

It is mentioned that the franchise hasn’t been abandoned, but Konami could be working on something different in comparison to what the rumor suggests. At this point, it is known that a new Silent Hill movie is in the making, and Konami could be working on a new game or interactive product that could serve as a tie-in.

Silent Hills, a game that was being developed for the PS4, was canceled after esteemed director Hideo Kojima left Konami due to several creative differences related to the title and Metal Gear Solid: V: The Phantom Pain. Fans can only hope that a new Silent Hills game will see the light of day in the future.

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