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Red Dead Online PC – The Studio Has a Surprise for the PC Players

Rockstar Games announced a free care package of some in-game items, which would be given to the players of the Red Dead Online on PC in order to make up for the launch issues which plagued the launch version of last month.

Firstly, the company apologized for the various performance issues, the bugs, and the random crashes after the Red Dead Redemption 2 was launched on PC. After some updates to the game, the Rockstar Games Launcher, and the most recent NVIDIA drivers, the company believed that the majority of the performance issues for Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC are now in the past.

With that being said, they will continue to work in order to find and solve all the issues, as they are moving forward. The company then asks users to visit Rockstar Support if they are still encountering problems.

Red Dead Online PC – Rockstar Games Has a Surprise for the PC Players

Players of Red Dead Online will get the Prieto Poncho for free, together with a care package of various items.

They will get 100 Repeater Express Ammo, 100 Revolver Express Ammo, 100 Rifle Express Ammo, 100 Shotguns Slugs, 100 Pistol Express Ammo, 20 Shotgun Incendiary Buckshot Slugs, 20 Volatile Fire Bottles, 20 Poison Throwing Knives, 20 Fire Arrows, 20 Baked Beans, 10 Minty Big Game, 10 Potent Miracle Tonic, and 3 Horse Revivers.

These are all available to all the PC players that have played the game ever since its launch, through the holiday season. The players will also get a variant of the new Marino Bandolier, a brand new Off-Hand Holster, and another care package, for when the next update comes to the platforms in December.



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