Redmi 7 Android 10 Update – Current Status and New Changes

As we are progressing through the first quarter of 2020, a lot of compatible Android devices have received the possibility of updating to Android 10, regardless of the version of the system they were running on or their manufacturer.

However, some older budget flagships haven’t received an update of that sort yet.

Redmi 7’s Situation

The Redmi 7 is a mid-tier smartphone from Xiaomi, and it was first revealed one year ago. Its specifications aren’t that impressive – A Snapdragon 632 chipset combined with a 4000 mAh battery and up to 64 GB of storage alongside an IPS LCD doesn’t sound like a banger.

The unsurprising specifications and performance of the Redmi 7 put it low on Xiaomi’s priority list of upcoming updates.

The smartphone comes from the factory with Android 9 Pie even though older devices received Android 10 updates months ago.

However, it looks like Xiaomi is thinking of updating the Redmi 7 to Android 10.

Official Answer

A Xiaomi user has asked a Super Moderator on a dedicated forum about the situation with the update. They answered:

“Although its development has not started, it probably is, but it does not have priority when it comes to receiving it. Then throughout the year, it will be launched.”

Therefore, Redmi 7 users will have to be patient and wait in line for the Android ten update.

It is nice to know that the company is considering to update the phone to a newer Android version.

However, Redmi 6 Pro will probably be disappointed to learn that their devices will never be updated to Android 10, as the same moderator stated that usually, Redmi phones receive only one software update during their lifespan.

Such details make it evident that there is a significant difference between entry-level or mid-tier smartphones and flagships.

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