Repurpose Old Electronics And Save Money

Everyone has been there at least once. As new electronic devices are being purchased, old ones tend to be forgotten in a drawer or a closet where they can spend months or years without being touched.

A new device doesn’t mean that the old ones have lost their purpose, as modern technology is flexible enough to offer the ability to repurpose it according to your needs. The tips found below offer new and interesting ways to make old gadgets useful with ease.

Convert smartphones into security cameras

There are many smartphones that offer a great camera, even if they are old. Get a tripod or a mount and install a lightweight app to convert an old smartphone into a handy surveillance camera that can be used to secure an area of your house without the need to purchase expensive equipment.

Media remotes

While this feature may not be present on some modern flagships, lots of smartphones come with an infrared blaster that can be paired with an app to control many of the electronic devices found in a house, including TVs, ACs, or more. This also great for the battery of the current smartphone and allows anyone in the house to use the old device as a remote.

Convert old computers into media centers

Many computers can find a second life as a media center tied to the TV or sounds system. There are lots of programs that can be used to stream media content easily.

Improvised eBook reader

Many book lovers have turned to eBooks in recent years, as eBooks can be quite handy, and devices like a Kindle can hold thousands of books. There are many apps that offer the option to read books on a tablet or smartphone, with many of them being free while also offering access to a wealth of free content.

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