Required PS5 Improvements That Will Outperform Xbox Series X

The launch of the PS4 was very smooth. Looking back, we can see that the console from Sony did not have a lot of competition. The popularity of the Sony console went up very quickly, and it was expected since it was on the top. On the other hand, its competitors, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, did not rise to the challenge. Even if the last consoles were released a few years after the PS4, they did not live up to the expectations. It is evident that PS4 won the previous generation, but what about PS5?

2020 is the year for the next-gen consoles, and PlayStation 5 will come out soon. Xbox Series X is also coming out this year, and it is not a secret that these two companies are competing for the best console on the market. The question is: is Sony going to hold its title? In this article, we are going to discuss a few key features that could help the PlayStation 5 console to remain on the pedestal. Without further ado, let’s go into details.

PS5 Improvements That Are Required For The Next-gen Console

Bring the power

Looking back at the previous generation, we can see clearly why the PS4 came out on top. Xbox One arrived on the market with less power than the Ps4, plus the price for the Microsoft console was higher than for the Sony console.

But, technology evolved now, so the competition between these two consoles is even more fierce. PS4 won the battle of the previous consoles generation; however, who will win the war?

Microsoft has proudly advertised its beast of a console throughout the year, and we can definitely see that it has a lot of potentials. People already believe that the Xbox One X console won the competition, but we need to wait and see what PS5 has to offer. So far, Sony did not give so many details about its upcoming console, but we are very curious to see if the PS5 will match the console from Microsoft. What can PS5 do better than the Xbox One X?

Give away more games

Sony needs to give away more free games. Sony was the first console company to introduce this market move. However, over the time, it cut off with the gifts. The free game movement started with the PS3 generation, but last year, Sony cut off PS3 and Vita games out of PlayStation Plus. The company needs to get back on track in this department.

Otherwise, the subscription is quite useless. Premium users used to get four free games every month; however, Sony reduced them to two free games per month. Microsoft is offering its users for freebies per month; therefore, we expect to see another change with the PS arrival.

Take PlayStation Now to the next level

Sony could improve its PlayStation Now service. Now is the perfect time to do it. As you know, this service stared as backward compatibility via streaming; however, it became some kind of Game Pass catalog that subscribers could use to get select PS4 titles.

PlayStation Now needs to be upgraded and put out there for the world to see. Sony needs to make this service more attractive to secure its one or two steps ahead of the current consoles. If the company is focusing more on these sorts of Game Pass elements, it could really step up their game. This would definitely get PlayStation Now more subscribers.

Next-gen PlayStation VR

When Sony first introduced its PlayStation VR, people went crazy about it. This product had outstanding sales; however, it looks like the company is not saying anything about it yet. Sony has not announced anything about the PlayStation VR coming out together with the next-gen console.

However, it will be an excellent move to remain in this competitive field. At the moment, Sony is above the Microsoft’s VR space. So, we won’t be too surprised to see the next generation of PlayStation VR coming out at the same time as the PS5 console.

Improve PlayStation Network

At the beginning of the PlayStation Network, we could see the struggle for Sony to upgrade it. The company had lots of problems with this service, from bugs issues to hacker problems and even silly situations where you couldn’t also change your username. But, over the years, we saw considerable growth in this department. Sony has significantly improved its PlayStation Network, and for that, they need some recognition.

Of course, even now, users have a few problems with Sony’s PSN; however, one of the really annoying issues is the network’s download speeds. The company needs to step up their game and do something about this issue. It really has become an impediment, especially for the more massive size games. Re-downloading your game library could take forever. But, we do hope that Sony will make this situation better.

Show why the touchpad matters

Over the time, the company has released some innovative products, such as the PlayStation 3D display, PlayStation Home, and PlayStation Vita. However, Sony left all of these new products behind. Why? We don’t really know. Some fans are still interested in the PlayStation Vita, for example.

Another feature that Sony focused on is the touchpad. The DualShock 4 controller features a touchpad; however, we don’t see why. The upcoming DualSense gamepad will feature the same tech, and again, we don’t know why. The company needs to prove this feature’s qualities.

Nail the PS5’s design

The design of the console is essential. The first thing people will notice is the design, so Sony needs to really make consumers turn their heads over. One of the issues with the previous standard gaming console was the two similar buttons: the eject and the power button. However, the premium version came out with an even worse design in this department. But, the PS5 could be different. Hopefully, Sony will work harder on the design of the upcoming console.

Explore smaller projects

In terms of the exclusives lineup, the company is not that great. Let’s see a few examples of Sony’s exclusive games: Uncharted series, Last of Us, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn. The former being one of the best new IPs in a while now.

Looking at the company’s approach in terms of the exclusives, we can see something that doesn’t quite click. It seems like the company goes all-out with almost every exclusive. This doesn’t happen all the time, but most of the time, and it should not.

There are smaller games that Sony could introduce on the upcoming PS5, such as Tetris 99. Smaller projects require less investment and less time-consuming. Tetris 99 worked for Nintendo, so maybe Sony should adopt the same approach.

Of course, we don’t mean that the company should completely revise their exclusive games. We do enjoy the big titles, the big-budget games. But it won’t be harmful to see something different. While the fans are waiting for the big titles, it would be helpful for Sony to drop a small title game in the meantime.

Overall, we are very excited about the upcoming PS5 console. We are also curious to see which console will win the war of this generation. PlayStation 5 or Xbox One X? Let us know in the comment section below.

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