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Researchers Create A Non-Cuttable Material

A team of researchers has achieved an impressive milestone after it managed to craft the first non-cuttable material in the world. According to he team, the material, which has a steel density of 15%, could be used to craft high-resistance armor or bike locks.

Proteus, as the material has been named, features ceramic spheres that have been divided into a cellular aluminum structure, an arrangement that makes it very resistant against angle grinders, drills, or other cutting tools that rely on force. Inspiration for the material came from observing nature, including the cellular skin of a grapefruit and aragonite shells used by mollusks.

Breaking the tools

The outer plate of the material can be pierced by drills or angle grinders, but once the ceramic spheres are reached, trouble will start for the intruder as the material will start to vibrate. When this phenomenon occurs, the sharp edges of the tool will become blunt.

Fine particles of ceramic will fill the structure of the blade, slowing down the process even further due to the force links between ceramic grains. The force of the drill will be reverted towards it until it will be broken, or the assailant ceases the action.

Additional protection

It is worth noting that the material is also quite strong against jet cutters. While such tools are hard to carry around in a practical manner, the ceramic spheres will divide the jet and reducing the pressure of the cat by increased the area which is covered by the water.

The material could be employed for a large variety of purposes across several industries, especially since it appears to be the only one of its kind that could be manufactured for mass use. It would be a great addition in the security and safety industries, as many thefts could be prevented.

More information can be found in a paper that was published in a scientific journal.



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