Resident Evil 3 Remake: Nemesis Is Back and Is Unpredictable

Capcom confirmed last year that they were working on a Resident Evil 3 remake. Fans were pleased with the idea. The original game had some shortcomings, but we still loved it. The release of Resident Evil 4 was also a reason for us to joy. We were not sure how Capcom was going to do with the classic game and how they were going to make it better. We soon found out that it was about reinterpreting the original game’s legacy.

The game was set before and after the second game. You get to play S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine as she’s trying to find a way out of Raccoon City after the T-Virus outbreak. Zombies were at every corner, and it was quite difficult to do it anyway, but when Jill realizes she’s also hunted by a Tyrant-like Umbrella bioweapon, which is called Nemesis.

Resident Evil 3 is the second Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 3 is a reimagining of something that came before, but it was only a year ago we got to play the Resident Evil in this form. It is clear that Resident Evil 3 had at its basis Resident Evil 2, with the same assets and mechanics, and the best thing about Resident Evil 3 is how fast it managed to re-envision the spirit and the design of the original, while it made it look like a good one. The most popular locations and events are revamped, the action is better, and it seems like Nemesis has been reborn, and it’s full of unpredictability. From time to time, it seems that Resident Evil 3 is the second Resident Evil 2, but clearly is more than that.

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