Resident Evil 7 and More Other Games Are Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Xbox continues to center its attention on platforms and services even outside of consoles, and more praised games are finding their way to Xbox Game Pass. 

Xbox Game Pass is now considered the best deal for gamers, and Microsoft keeps introducing goodies to the platform. 

The arrival of the Xbox Series X is in November and leading up to that event, Microsoft is offering us more reasons to choose the Xbox universe. New titles are coming to Xbox Games Pass, including the praised Resident 7. Here is what you need to know. 

Xbox Game Pass’s Upcoming Games: What to Expect

Xbox Game Pass has more than 200 titles in the library for the Xbox One, and soon Xbox Series X. The platform became an excellent choice for Xbox games when it was announced that all first-party titles are coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one. There are also lots of third-party games that turn the service into a fantastic gaming experience. 

On the official Xbox Game Pass’ Twitter, there is an announcement that new entries are coming soon. While the highest-selling Resident Evil game of all time, Resident Evil 7 is the star here, but other great titles are also on the way. 

Here are the games for Xbox Game Pass subscribers:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator, August 19 (PC);
  • Spirtfarer, August 19 (PC and console);
  • Battletoads, August 20 (PC and console);
  • Don’t Starve: Giant Edition, August 20 (PC);
  • Crossing Souls, August 20 (PC);
  • Darksiders: Genesis, August 20 (PC);
  • New Super Lucky’s Tale, August 21 (PC and console);
  • Hypnospace Outlaw, August 27 (PC and console);
  • Tell Me Why: Chapter 1, August 27 (PC and console);
  • Double Kick Heroes, August 28 (PC and console);
  • Wasteland 3, August 28 (PC and console);
  • Crusader Kings 3, September 1 (PC);
  • Resident Evil 7, September 3 (PC and console).

As the next-gen of gaming is so close, the competition between Xbox and PS5 is heating up again. The seemingly endless amount of goodies on Xbox Game Pass is one thing that the Xbox Series X has an advantage. 

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