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Resident Evil 8 Might Be Launched in 2021 With FPP

Rumors about a new Resident Evil series have emerged recently. Almost four years have passed since Resident Evil 7 was introduced, and Capcom seems to get tired of remakes and remasters. Resident Evil 8 might happen, but not anytime soon. We will have to wait most probably until 2021. The idea of a new part, however, is enough at the moment.

Resident Evil 8 is Under Development Rumors and Other Details

Dusk Golem is the one who stirred up the rumors on the Internet about a new Resident Evil game in the series. He claims that Resident Evil 8 will be released in 2021. VGC checked these details with their sources and stated that we might have some chances to see Resident Evil 8 happen at some time in 2021.

Dusk Golem, however, hints at one promising feature, something that Capcom has never done before. The game will introduce “huge changes,” and it was initially not designed to be a significant Resident Evil title. Dusk Golem posted on Twitter: “Resident Evil 2021 is Resident Evil 8, but it wasn’t always RE8. During most of its development, it existed as Revelations 3.”

So, we got the chance to witness a Resident Evil: Revelation 3 release, but it didn’t make the cut. According to Dusk Golem, the game was so well-received during the testing phase, that devs decided to make it a major title and rebrand it to RE8.

Resident Evil 8 – Rumors and Other Details

Previous reports stated that Capcom had initially scrapped the variant of RE8 that they were developing and rebooted the game in 2019. So, the upcoming game is based off on Revelation 3.

Other details about the Capcom’s Resident Evil 8 include a new element. The game might introduce a first-person perspective, something that was highly rumored in the past. For more information, however, we should wait first for an official confirmation of the title.



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