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Resident Evil 8 Release Date And Other Details

The officials have already announced that they are planning a future release of the Resident Evil 8 installment. Therefore, the upcoming version, which is the 8th title in the series, is currently under its development stage. After this official declaration, fans have shared their enthusiasm online and are thrilled to hear any extra information regarding the plans.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Resident Evil 8 is facing its early development. Fans are even more thrilled since Resident Evil 7 has already announced its cast, confirming the leaks and rumors that have surfaced the Internet.

However, the officials are currently in search of a new title for their film. Up until now, Capcom has not released any detail to offer an insight into the storyline of Resident Evil 8. All we need to know is that the company has a lot in store for its forthcoming project.

The real Resident Evil 8 release date

The game has no official release timeslot, but the rumors are stating that we will probably see the movie in 2021. In addition to this, the company is planning on making the game available for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Dusk Golem ha announced on its official Twitter account that he is willing to work with Capcom for a future reboot on Resident Evil 3, before getting committed to developing Resident Evil 8, which has been under development for more than four years now. Even though we are happy that the company is considering this release as a priority, we will probably see Resident Evil 3 Remake before we manage to see the 8th version of the movie.

Three months ago, Dusk Golem talked about the projects that he would view through the franchise and made his beliefs public on his Twitter account. He declared that Resident Evil 8’s development had been postponed for the past year.



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