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Revolut Update 7.5.1 Brings New Bug Fixes

The rise of smartphones has made life more convenient as they offer convenient access to a wide variety of useful apps. Revolut is an excellent fintech service that offers a variety of excellent internet banking services that are easy to access and use.

Create a new account and use the app for a variety of purposes, including paying at stores, exchange currency at a fair rate, and keep your spending in check with handy notifications, all from the palm of your hand, without the need to go to a bank or sign paperwork. More than 10 million happy customers prove that Revolut is a sold alternatives to banking services, as

Fast and easy to use

Receive instant notifications for any payment you make, along with excellent built-in budgeting options and spending tracking. Learn how much you spent on a variety of goods and services, among which we can count groceries, transport, and more. Create dedicated budget plans for select activities and save any spare change.

Spent money when visiting a foreign country without the need to exchange hard currency. You can convert more than 150 currencies at great exchange rates and withdraw $300 per month for free from any ATMs.

Instant transfers

Want to send or receive money without the need to pay expensive fees for faster delivery or wait several days until they arrive? Use Revolut to send money to other people instantly and without the need to pay any fees. Create scheduled or recurring payments and split bills with friends without seconds.

Several security features ensure that Revolut is safe to use. If you lose the physical card, you can freeze it quickly from the app or disable contactless or e-commerce payments easily. Use virtual cards to pay for digital goods without worries.

The 7.5.1 update includes several bug fixes and stability improvements to enhance your experience.



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