RimWorld Update 1.1 Patch Notes – Royalty DLC And More

Rim world just received a new expansion named Royalty. The DLC was released today, and it brings plenty of new content.

What’s new?

Knights and counts now have telepathic powers and can call allies when in need. If you can manage to get a royal title, then you will receive an Imperial psychic amplifier, which can be used to defeat enemies with your mind’s power. Keep in mind that the other side can also receive such amplifiers.

To get a royal title, players have to complete several quests in order.

The new update, however, focuses mainly on bug fixes, adjustments, and the introduction of some new in-game features.

The mod management interface was improved.

Also, a smoke launcher and an EMP have been added, alongside animals like horses, yaks, and sheep, and some backstories were updated.

The patch notes

  • UI scales over 1.0 now look sharp
  • The new Quests tab provides information about past and present quests.
  • A data-driven quests generation and management system was added, which can help modders to add or edit quests without programming.
  • UI now colors text to highlight relevant tests like character names, rewards, and places.
  • The mod management UI and code were improved.
  • Mods received a global package ID that allows them to refer to each other.
  • A tool that automatically sorts the mod list was introduced.
  • Loading screen tips were added.
  • Recon armor, a lighter derivate of marine armor, was added.

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