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Rockstar canceled Bully 2 due to development issues

Released in 2006, Bully was a surprising experience developed in the studio, which is best known for the iconic GTA series.

The title was quite popular among gamers and sold well, two facts which inferred that a sequel should be released at some point in the future. This was not the case, and for a long while it seemed that Rockstar forgot about the IP, but according to a new report the situation was a bit different.

A new report published by a reliable source claims that more than 12 months were spent on the development of Bully 2 at the start of the current decade. Several problems surfaced during the development, and the venture was abandoned. However, dedicated fans discovered easter eggs spread across a large number of other Rockstar games, including Red Dead Redemption 2. At this point there is no official information about the anticipated sequel.

The report mentions that Dan Houser, one of the studio co-founders, and a team of developers, started to work on the story of the game in 2008.  Jimmy, the protagonist of the previous entry, would have remained the star in the sequel. During the introduction, the players would have seen the house of Jimmy’s stepfather during the summer before going to college.

Rockstar New England should have worked on the game from 2010 to 2013. A stable version was available at some point, but the management decided that the game didn’t meet the quality standard showcased by Rockstar and opted to retire the project. The developers were spread across other projects, and playable builds may have been deleted.

Hopeful fans continue to believe that a sequel could surface at some point in the future. Rockstar Games hasn’t offered any press releases or comments on the subject. On some forum platforms, it is thought that a revamped version of the game could be in development at Rockstar India, but there is no actual proof.



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