RollerCoaster Tycoon Story 1.3.5546 Update Brings Numerous Bug Fixes

The RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise has been around for several decades, offering hours of entertainment to millions of curious players from all over the world as they explored the opportunity to build the ultimate theme park and enjoy a fun gameplay experience.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Story brings a fun and challenging experience on mobile as well as an excellent story mode that will offer lots of fun. Master devious match-three puzzles to restore the Eagleland theme park to fame and attract more visitors.

Innovative gameplay

A novel and interesting rail match system will offer the chance to complete the task in exchange for tickets that can be spent on improving the park. Repair rides, clear old buildings and places that can be found in the park, and stock the shops with wondrous goods that will please everyone.

Players aren’t alone on the journey as a cast of characters will join them for the ride, including Sam, the Mechanic, who keeps the rides primed and ready for use. Explore the park, solve fascinating mysteries, and encounter more interesting characters on the path towards becoming a real tycoon.

Filled with features

With hundreds of levels, the rail match system will keep players busy for a lig while. Tackle tasks and complete challenges to redeem powerful boosters that can be used to solve fiendish puzzles. Keep an eye on every puzzle since there might be some secret goods to be found, including a Screechin’ Eagle Booster that can be very useful.

As players solve challenges and reach new levels, they will unlock new chapters in the sotry mode and gain access to additional areas across the park. Restore iconic rides to life and make the park better than ever, along with Sam, Maggie, Tyler, and others! Daily rewards are available for keen players!

The 1.4.5546 update comes with a generous number of bug fixes and performance improvements that improve the gameplay experience.

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