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Saints Row 5 is Under the Works – When Will the Game be Released?

Saints Row is in tough competition with Grand Theft Auto, Just Cause, or Mafia for the title of the best open-world game series. With so many games released for this category over the years, Saints Row brought some mind-boggling titles to the public. Saints Row 3 is perhaps their best game of the series, and it even awaits a remastered version to arrive on May 22 for PC, and the usual consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). Now, we have confirmation that Saints Row 5 is under development.

Yet another Saints Row title is expected to arrive for the players, providing even more tons of action and intense gameplay for the beloved series. While we’re not sure how it will be called, it’s certain that’s it’s currently under development.

Saints Row 5 is officially confirmed

The last Saints Row game is simply called Saints Row 4, so we can guess that the sequel will be dubbed as Saints Row 5.

For the moment, there’s no word on what platforms the upcoming game will be available for, but we can take a guess that there will be the usual ones (PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4) and the next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, respectively).

Release date

Although a lot of fans of the famous series are eager to know when will Saints Row 5 come out, there’s no official word about it except that we’ll get more info in the current year about the future game. Hopefully, we’ll see an official trailer in the next several months.

Regardless of when Saints Row 5, the fifth installment in the series, comes out, it’s great to know from the developers themselves that the upcoming game is under the works. Open-world gaming is such a fun area to explore, and another release in this section can only be beneficial and exciting for gamers.



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