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Samsung announced a Star-Wars – themed Galaxy Note 10 Plus and it’s simply amazing

On the occasion of the impending December 20th release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Samsung presented a Star Wars – themed Galaxy Note 10 Plus which looks a lot like it came straight from Kylo Ren’s setup. The device will be on sale in the United States on December 13th for $1,299.99.


The device looks stunning: The S Pen is designed to resemble a red lightsaber. The body of the smartphone looks like a black Note 10 Plus with an attached First Order emblem on its back and slick red trim on the buttons and around the area of the camera. 

The box is also Kylo Ren – themed and includes a pair of black Galaxy Buds that have a neat red inner casing, a Ren-themed leather case and even a metallic badge.

User interface

According to Samsung, the phone will have exclusive Star Wars – themed animations, sounds, wallpapers and icons, all available right from the first startup.

The price tag of $1,299.99 makes the device a bit more expensive than a base Galaxy Note 10 Plus that is available on the korean smartphone developer’s website for the convenient sale price of $839.99. However, the Star Wars themed device is more of a future investment, as its value will first drop soon after release but as time passes, it will become more and more expensive and ultimately turn into a collector’s item.


The gadget will be available in  Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, the UK, and the US.



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