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Samsung Envisions A Future Connected By 6G

5G is still in the early stages of implementation as the high-speed standard is available in a relatively low number of areas, but some companies are already looking forward to an even faster standard in the form of 6G.

Samsung is one of them, as the company has recently published a White Paper which seeks to explain the potential and befits of 6G in plain terms that can be understood without the need to have advanced knowledge of IT and telecommunications, the document, which is entitled ‘’The Next Hyper-Connected Experience for All’’ underlines the fact that Samsung plans to make 6G common in the future.

Fully connected

The Korean titan argues that 6G could be completed by 2028, and commercial versions of the technology that can be integrated into new products could be available from 2030, a prediction that could be quite accurate in the long run.

It is worth pointing out that 6G has some lofty requirements to achieve befrore a service can earn the name. For example, the data download speed must reach a minimum of 1,000 Gbps. This is extremely fast in comparison to 5G, which offers download speeds of 500Mbps in ideal cases with great coverage.

More customers and connections

Current trends infer that by 2030 there will be more than 500 billion objects connected to the internet. Some of them will be state-of-the-art devices, including AR glasses, immersive VR headsets, and hologram devices. 6G will be developed with devices in mind, boosting service efficiency.

A hyper-connected world could also be a better one as a wide-spread deployment of 6G  could reduce social and economic infrastructure differences, which would be beneficial for the society in the long run. Samsung also mentions a digital VR world that could offer new ways of interacting with family or friends.

It remains to be seen what will happen in the following years.



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