Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Review – Design, Features, Price, And More

The latest truly wireless earbuds from Samsung are magnificent! The new Galaxy Buds Plus is a lot better than its predecessor. The latest Samsung earbuds have a better sound quality than its predecessor.

Samsung made sure also to improve the battery life of the Galaxy Buds Plus, which is a big plus compared to its predecessor. These earbuds have a better speech quality for calls as well, which makes it easier when communicating.

However, the Galaxy Buds Plus is also quite pricey, so the real question is: do they worth the price?  Here’s our opinion about the Galaxy Buds Plus from Samsung. We hope that it will help you out make a decision.

Longer Battery Life for Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus launched one year after the first Galaxy Buds. The reason we don’t get a second version of the Galaxy Buds and just a Buds Plus version is that the latest earbuds from Samsung are only an upgraded model of the basic version.

As you can see, the major upgrade of the new Galaxy Buds is the battery life. The battery of the Galaxy Buds Plus can last for 11 hours after being fully charged inside the case of the earbuds.

That means that the Buds Plus can last for about 22 hours if you count the USB-C charging as well. The latest earbuds are available with different silicon sizes, which is very convenient for users.

Galaxy Buds Plus – Design And Other Features

Samsung has three sizes for its earmold: standard earbuds, wingtips, and ear tips. Like most of the wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Plus can be controlled by tapping commands. You can Play or Pause a song, answer a phone call as well as rejecting a call. The earbuds can play the next or previous track, end a call. You can also have a tap on the earbuds to start Bixby or Spotify, which is really cool.

One of the most important facts when it comes to any kind of headphones is the sound quality, and the Galaxy Buds Plus is just excellent. Samsung offers its users a standard multi-band equalizer, which allows you to set them up on you very liking. The equalizer app will also allow users to adapt the tap settings.

Noise-Cancellation System

Thee noise-cancellation system of the earbuds is another excellent feature that Samsung managed to provide it, users. Due to the three built-in microphones, these earbuds can be used even when cycling or doing other kinds of sports outside. Galaxy Buds Plus is excellent even when the weather conditions are not so great. If it is windy outside and you want to hold a conversation, you can do that without any problems.

Although they don’t have such an excellent noise-cancellation system as the AirPods Pro from Apple, their price is more accessible. And money is also a significant fact when buying a device. Another essential thing about Samsung’s headphones is the mono feature, which allows users to listen to music while holding a phone conversation.

A nice feature that Samsung took note of is using the earbuds as a hearing aid. You can activate this feature from the setting menu and will amplify the volume during phone calls.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus – Price

The Galaxy Buds Plus was released on March 13 at the price of $149.99. But you can find them cheaper on different sites. The earbuds come in different color variants. Consumers can choose from the black, white, or blue Buds Plus, but the white earbuds a bit more special. The white option has a beautiful pearly reflection on some buttons.

If you are looking for cheaper earbuds, you can acquire the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus’ predecessor, which is available for about $100. Altogether, we approve the Samsung earbuds, so if you are thinking of buying a pair, we encourage you.

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