Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Revealed In Recent Photos

Many thought that Samsung might have developed a cheaper version of Galaxy Note 10. And they were right. Some details leaked recently, prove such a fact. We now have some photos which unveil Galaxy Note 10 Lite in all its glory. The more intriguing is that Samsung didn’t release any official information about their move.

It seems that such a thing became a trend of device promoting. We first got the leaks, and then we receive the confirmation. Thanks to some posts by TechTalkTV on Twitter, it is becoming more evident that Samsung prepared a more slimmed-down variant of Galaxy Note 10.

The photos display the device from the back, front, and side. We can also see its bootup screen confirming the title of the smartphone and the About phone details from its settings menu. The previously rumored variant number (SM-N770F) is also confirmed.

The first photos indicate the rear camera setup that appears to be displayed as a triple sensor designed. It is also put in a square-designed module, such as Google Pixel 4 or iPhone 11, for example. On its other side, we can notice the volume and what it seems to be, the Bixby button. As for Galaxy Note 10 Lite’s display, developers chose a flat design. Such news might come as a surprise for some.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite’s Design

The Galaxy Note 10 Lite introduced itself in the first photos with a centered pinhole camera and the regular stylus that developers dubbs the S-Pen. On its back, there is also a massive difference to the last Galaxy Note 10 launched. The camera part is not extended and upright but displayed in an approximately square rectangle. As for the color options, Galaxy Note 10 Lite is pictured in a classic black, an intense red, mint green, blue, and purple.

Galaxy Note 10 Lite Performance

We don’t have some precise details about Galaxy Note 10 Lite’s performance, but we can assume the smartphone would come with an Exynos processor or a Snapdragon 855. Also, rumors about a 6GB of RAM might turn out to be true. The internal storage should pack 128GB.

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