Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Tips For Taking Outstanding Photos

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is one Hell of a smartphone which doesn’t need any presentation. It has as much storage and RAM as a good laptop, ultra-wide camera and much other cool stuff. But taking good photos is one of the most demanded aspects by smartphone users and here we will talk about how to make the best out of the outstanding Galaxy Note 10.

Of course, some say that we’re all photographers nowadays, but not everybody knows exactly what a high-end phone has to offer when it comes to his cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Tips For Taking Outstanding Photos

Use the ultra-wide camera

The super-wide 123-degree field of view gives a new exciting perspective on taking photos, and you can capture some fabulous images this way. You’ll have to get as close to subjects as you can or use the broad field of view when you move away. But the sad part is that you can’t take good photos at night by using the ultra-wide camera.

Use the Pro Mode

One of the advantages is obviously taking better photos, as well as getting a wide variety of styles for your photos. It does require some practice in most cases, though. But for some pictures, there’s enough to adjust the colors and the white balance, and you’re all set.

Use viewfinder grid lines

This way, you’ll be able to create well-proportioned scenes, without even the need to be a good photographer. You can try the square option or go for the good old “3 x 3”. You may find it awkward at first, but turning on viewfinder grid lines is one of the basic stuff that comes in handy regarding taking photos with a smartphone.

Clean cameras’ lenses

No tip for taking pictures works at its maximum best if you don’t clean up your lenses, and this is a rule for any phone. You don’t necessarily need a professional tool to do this, it works with your t-shirt or a napkin, and it won’t damage the lenses.

There you have them, a few simple tips for taking outstanding photos with Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Samsung sure knows how to get the best out of its devices, and fans appreciate it very much. South Korea-based company reported that 1 million units of Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ had been sold in South Korea faster than any previous launch, in less than a month.

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