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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Leak Hints To QHD Technology Panels

Many Samsung fans are looking forward to the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S20 range, which is scheduled to take place next week. However, the company has been hard at work on several devices, and a new Galaxy Note 20 leak has appeared on the internet, sparking discussions.

New Galaxy Note 20 leak hints to QHD panels

A reliable leaker has stated on a popular social media platform that the Note 20 devices will come with a high-performance 120Hz panel that offers an impressive QHD resolution.

It was also mentioned that the technology would be enhanced specifically for the range, which could mean that it will consume a lower amount of energy in compassion to other iterations present on devices made by rival brands.

Other voices argue that the panel could offer a variable refresh rate, a boon that has been appreciated by many PC and laptop owners since it improves the user experience. Apple has already ventured into this field with the ProMotion panels present on the iPad Pro models, but the result is not as impressive as the non-mobile equivalents.

More rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The popularity of the Note brand was improved by the unexpected release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, which offered the chance to play with the S Pen stylus without the need to pay a generous amount of money on the regular versions.

A new leak that was released earlier infers that at least one of Galaxy S20 or the Galaxy Note 20 models could come with a spectrometer, a scientific tool that can analyze the chemical composition of a substance. It would not be the first mobile device that comes with this feature, but the sheer popularity of the Samsung brand could make it a hit among users.

Another speculation is represented by the possible use of an in-display selfies camera that would allow Samsung to drop notches and punch-holes. The Galaxy Note 20 range should be released in August 2020.



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