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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Receives Great iPhone Feature

Surely, a company like Samsung cannot throw the towel just yet even though it’s not the world’s top smartphone vendor anymore for three months. Huawei took the lead, but the South Korean is now updating its devices, and the Galaxy Note 20 is arguably its best model. Released only several days ago, Note 20 practically means the best of what Samsung has to offer. But when it comes to technology, like it or not, but there’s always room for more.

We all have to admit that losing your phone is entirely possible, regardless of how much we love our little tech companions. You can get robbed, get distracted, or you just have a bad memory after a long night when you had too much to drink – in at least one of these cases, it can happen to anyone to lose his phone. And Samsung knows this very well, as it now comes to lend a helping hand once again.

The ‘Find My Mobile’ app now grants offline finding for your Samsung phone

Despite being a feature found on iPhones, it has now become available for Samsung phones. A phone created by the South Korean company can now be found by another if it gets lost by the owner, and there’s not even need for a data connection anymore. This great feature is now possible through the v7.2.05.44 update of the ‘Find my Mobile’ app, and you are free to see some details below:

Once the new feature is installed, the rest is just formality. All you’ll have to do if you have a Samsung phone is to keep an eye on your display. A notification should emerge out of nowhere and invite you to enable the feature. The message will say:

“Turn on Offline finding? / Make it easier to find your lost phone even if it’s not connected.”

With over 19 billion phones sold between 1995 and 2018, Samsung still has a great future up ahead.



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