Samsung Galaxy Note 9 One UI Version 2.1 Adds The Best Features Of The S20 Lineup

The Galaxy Note 9 One UI 2.1 update is one of the most highly anticipated ones in 2020. There are millions of Galaxy Note 9 and S9 users worldwide who are eager to get their hands on the new version of Samsung’s stylish user interface.

The release date is getting closer and closer, and we’re always receiving new updates regarding the features that will be added in the update.

The best thing about the new update is that it will bring some of the most popular features of the Galaxy S20 to older devices that are still running fine.

The Update

One member of Samsung’s software development team confirmed that Bixby Routines wouldn’t be part of the One UI 2.1 update for the Note 9 and S9. However, the new update compensates for that in other ways.

Some discussions on the official Samsung forums have shown that the 2.1 updates will come with features like Single Take, and the new camera zoom interface, which are some of the strong points of Samsung’s latest flagships.

Other features include Music Share and Quick share, which will be made available via the new update.


Many tech-related releases and updates have been significantly delayed lately because of the worldwide pandemic, but that’s not the case for the new update.

According to a Samsung representative, work on the new update is progressing right on schedule.

The team is positive that a stable release of the update will be published in June.

Samsung is working hard to improve the experience of all its devices. We appreciate their effort of keeping older flagships up to date years after their release. It looks like they adopted the strategy of implementing new features on all compatible devices instead of locking them for higher-tier smartphones.

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