Samsung Galaxy S10 And Note 10 – New Software Features From The S20 Lineup

Good news for the news of 2019 Samsung flagship owners! The company was dedicated enough to push the One UI 2.1 update to previous-generation smartphones.

The South-Korean giant made the headlines when it released the S20 smartphone lineup. However, the previous (S10) list is still selling extraordinary. Therefore, it was only reasonable for Samsung to keep pushing updates for its former flagship.

The New Update

The new update for the Galaxy S10 lineup improves the photo capabilities of the devices.

However, the One UI 2.1 update also brings the security patch level to April. Not even Google’s Pixel managed that yet.

The new update is about 1.5GB, but the size might vary based on your location and your device configuration.

The camera app received the Single Take feature, which allows users to take multiple shots and videos at once, and an advanced AI will recommend the best out of them.

Also, the Night Mode was improved. Many users noticed an increase in the photos taken by their S10 smartphone in low-light conditions.

The new Pro Video mode allows experienced users to change parameters like shutter speed, ISO, and exposure, just like on professional photographer cameras.

The gallery app can now group images based on various criteria. All you have to do is tap the newly introduced square button in the top bar of the app, labeled “Clean View.”

A Quick Share option was added to the quick settings, which allows users to send files to nearby contacts without requiring extra software.

The Music share feature allows users to share their Bluetooth connection with another device, so they don’t have to disconnect from a speaker or radio to play audio from the other device.

However, the new update seemingly deletes all of the previously saved AR emojis due to incompatibility reasons.

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